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Hello, thankyou for joining my website. I have Temporal and Frontal Lobe Epilepsy which is not yet fully controlled, although in recent months it has become much improved. My aim is to raise awareness about epilepsy and it's complications, the impact it holds for our daily lives, and the unspoken dangers associated with it.



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reply Harriet 3 weeks ago
I was wondering where i can buy some of the tops etc?
x x x x
reply Lorne Lee 4 weeks ago
Hello Tania. I like your Website very much. I told some people in Canada that they should look at it.
Tania, I was looking for Purple Day but I can't find it. Would you please help if you can.
reply Lorne Lee 1 months ago
Hello, my name is Lorne and I am from Canada. I like what you are doing very much. My seizures almost under control now with all of the Mes that I take. You are doing a great job by getting people more aware of Epilepsy. I am on Facebook.. I talk back and forth with friends from England and Australia. I have this Cause " Epilepsy Awareness " It tell you all about Epilepsy. If you don't mind I am going to add you as a friend and I have a lot more in my Causes about Epilepsy. I would be honored to be your friend.
Lorne, from Canada
reply Jo 2 months ago
Hi Tania, Josh seem to be doing ok. We had the results of the EEG and it showed high levels of activity so he has had his epilim increased. He seems alright but his behaviour is pretty terrible and he is very hyper. Its awful because when we are out in public he can be particularly naughty and of course people look at the pair of us and make assumptions....even some of my friends have got annoyed with him. It breaks my heart because although his behaviour can be embarrasing to me, he cannot help it. I either take him off meds and live with horrific seizures or put up with his strops!! I will go for the latter anyday. x
reply Jo 3 months ago
Hi Tania,

Thankyou so much for replying. Josh is five on tuesday the 12th May, we went to see the consultant today and he has been prescribed Epilim. Starting on 100mg a day for 7 days then 200mg until we are seen next...in about 6 weeks. We are still waiting for his EEG but as you have said it could come back showing little if anything at all.
I must admit I felt very rushed at the hosptial today, to me and my family I am married to Dan and we have imogen who is 12 and Josh, this is a life changing event and one that at times I am finding it hard to adjust to, but the hospital acted as though they were just telling me he had a runny nose and to take some asprin!!!!!
Anyway I am starting the medicine tonight and we will go from there. I just wish this wasnt happening.
I will of course keep in touch, its nice to know someone understands.
Jo xxx
reply Tara 4 months ago
Hi Tania, I just want to apologise for not being on here much in the past few weeks. My computer has been so slow its not funny and it keeps freezing so once I check the group and my emails its pretty much time for me to go to bed.
I was thinking about adding a new topic section to the Childrens section because I know a few members have children who have an undiagnosed form of epilepsy so I thought it might give them a place to share information and ask questions because there isnt really a place to do it.
The site is coming along brilliantly you should be really proud of yourself. Especially as you have decided to study as well. Im proud of you. Your signature is right you know. You have epilepsy but it certainly does not have you. x
reply Tara 4 months ago
Thank-You!!!! I will wait until the bumber stickers are in and I will order it all then. We are going to be the best dressed family in Australia!
reply Tara 4 months ago
Hey Hun, I hope your doing well. It sounds like you are. My mum wants a shirt so is it possible to do one of those "I love someone with Epilepsy' shirts with the heart on them in a long sleeve style?
I have two other suggestions for the store too - Bumper Stickers (I've always wanted one can never find an epilepsy one tho) and a baby jumpsuit/bib/shirt that says "I love someone with Epilepsy' or something like My brother may have epilepsy but it doesnt have him'.
Just my thoughts, Take care Im thinking of you always xoxo


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